Beginner courses for getting by in Spanish in the shortest time possible

Shortcut to Spanish - Shows you how to communicate in Spanish using 1000s of Spanish words you didn't know you knew.

Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations - This course builds on from Shortcut to Spanish and shows you how to speak casually in relaxed social situations.

Synergy Spanish - Discover a 3-step multiplier that's so powerful that you can make 88,000 phrases from just 138 words

Intermediate courses for building fluency

Synergy Spanish Level 2 - Bola de Nieve - A clear, step by step sequential path that takes you from getting by in Spanish and then becoming as fluent as possible in the language.

Shortcut to Spanish Level 2 - Expands your conversational ability using instant Spanish words & easy conversation patterns in past tenses.

Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations Level 2 - Builds on from Shortcut to Spanish level two, learn how to talk to you friends informally and tell them what you did in the past.

Spanish Ear Training - Develops your ear for Spanish to overcome the challenges of rapid speech

Advanced course for building Extra fluency and command of the Spanish language

Synergy Spanish Level 3 - Advanced Concepts Intensive - Building extra fluency, extra command and extra confidence using the most advanced parts of the Spanish Language.