Get My Lost "Real Spanish" Lessons FREE".

While I was developing my ideas for Spanish Ear Training, I created lessons focused on the way native speakers use their language, lessons that get you using real day to day Spanish.

The first ones I made were stand alone lessons. But I wanted to make Spanish Ear Training a holistic program. My plan was to build your ear and your speaking skills at the same time.

In Spanish Ear Training all the lessons relate and follow on from the Ear Building lessons.

Those first speaking lessons I created didn't make it into the Spanish Ear Training program because they didn't connect to any Ear Building lessons.

Yet, they are very good lessons that give your Spanish a real boost. They get you understanding more clearly what native Spanish speakers really mean

So, what to do with those lost lessons?.

Trying to fit them into one of my paid programs would be like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Yet, they are too good not to put out there. So, I decided that the best solution is to share them with you for free.

To get those Spanish lessons, just enter you're name and email below. I'll send the first one to you right away.

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